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TW: assault, abuse, & gender dysphoria.

These songs are meant to heal; we understand words' capacity to hurt as well.

// SIDE A //


We've all felt defeat.
We'll all face deceit.

I hope I burn up before I burn out.

Queens and kings all!
Wrought beneath a lingering breath--
Indistinguishable. Inextinguishable.
Seven billion suffering souls with
No advise. No penance. No praise.


The earth swallows us.

The cry below meets the leer above.
Emanating from wide white open gates
Which grow yellow in the sun and soot.
You lead, then follow, and leave.
As always.

Despondent abdicator-- that maligned creator
As you me. My bondage can only end with you;
Forfeit all power above
For love and freedom
Which grow fleeting with each rising sun.


Concessions to to the conceited,
Deceived but not yet defeated.

Heed my sallow, pallid liege,
or be be heaved without reprieve!
She sought twice; found a brush conflagrant
And indignant.

A scream:
No sir, I won't.
You've mistaken anguish for anger,
but I shall not conflate them--
so strike me down.

Complacency is complicity!
I tried; I lost and now lie to rot,
but I still hope.

Don't mistake my anguish for mere anger,
My passion for blind rage, or my hope for delusion.
If I fall, another rises. Always.

Glistening garnet - stippled silver- breathing canvas
hung amongst stardust in the leering man's closet.

She's thrice given tacit pause, but now bursts in refrain:

Those who've reaped thrones sown shall see stones thrown.


from unmarked, released December 28, 2013
released 08 August 2013
Recorded May 2013 at LEGITIMATE BUSINESS by Kris Hilbert.

A do-it-together effort through Heidrun Collider, IFB, Anti-Corporate Recordings, All We Know, & Get Better! Records.




theyeattheirowngod. Columbia, South Carolina

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